Testimonials from patients:

How chiropractic has helped our patients……

Mr. B had severe daily headaches and was unable to concentrate at work or sleep before he had chiropractic treatment. “I was taking 14-16 ibuprofen a day to try and help ease my neck pain and headaches. I don’t have any of those problems now, thanks to my chiropractic manipulation.

Mrs. W – presented to us with headaches, neck and low back pain. She had countless days off work and is now receiving check ups to help maintain improvements. “Chiropractic treatment has been brilliant for me. I never believed I could get to this point of health and well-being. Chiropractic care has seen me through my first pregnancy and my son is now one.

Mrs. P – “I used to have headaches and dizziness everyday. I have a chiropractic check up every ten weeks now which keeps everything at bay. Thank you so much for improving my quality of life.

Mrs. D – “I have found my chiropractor to be very attentive and thorough, she takes everything into consideration about me as an individual at every visit. I have been seeing the chiropractor for six years for check ups every eight weeks and when different aches and pains have occurred she has always treated the problem and diagnosed it accordingly. I am very happy with my treatment.

Mr. M – “I was in such excruciating pain before I came to see the chiropractor and the treatment has helped me so much, thank you so much for everything you have done for me.

Mrs. G – had been to see consultants and many other musculoskeletal specialists before she came to the clinic with severe low back and leg pain. “I couldn’t walk, sleep, sit or do anything before I had chiropractic treatment, you have helped me so much.

Miss T – “I am over the moon with how chiropractic treatment has helped me. I could not go back to having those horrid headaches every day. I did not realise what a huge effect they were having on my life until they went. I find the checkups really helpful in keeping them away, especially as I work at a computer all day.

Mrs. H -“Chiropractic treatment has been marvellous for me, such a help. I had severe low back and leg pain before I came in for treatment and now I’m able to walk everyday with my granddaughter. Keeping up the stretches and exercises my chiropractor has given me in conjunction with the treatment programme is a great way of managing my low back pain.

Mrs. K – “Chiropractic treatment has been excellent from day one. It has made 100% difference to my lifestyle and movement, my whole life in general. My back pain does not stop me doing anything now, and I don’t have to think every time I move like I used to! I have learnt so many techniques and tips through you to help me. I had no quality of life before I came here, but you started from scratch and I haven’t looked back! I am so pleased.

Mrs. C -“It has been marvellous. You have been tremendous with me, I feel alive now.

Mr. K – “I feel fantastic, my back feels better now than it has felt for five years and my body is in much better condition overall. Having my check up every six weeks really makes a difference monitoring everything.

Mr. H -“Chiropractic got me back on my feet from a stage where I couldn’t even get out of a chair, it keeps me in check and I have been very happy with the care I have received.

Mrs. C -“I have never looked back- over the years I have tried so many different things and the relief I have received with chiropractic has been amazing- fantastic. I have always been fitted in with an appointment if anything has cropped up.

Mrs. T – “After my chiropractic treatment I am now able to run up the stairs two at a time again! I can get out of the car and out of chairs now with no problem. These things make such a difference to your everyday life. Treatment has helped me so much. I really appreciate what you have done for me.

Mrs. C -“I think you are a miracle worker. I have no arm or neck pain now which I came in with. I wouldn’t be without chiropractic now. It’s so nice to have the support of treatment at my three monthly check up. I am so grateful.

Mrs. I – “I tell the world about chiropractic. I have tried so many other treatments, but chiropractic helps keep the tide out- helping me avoid surgery.

Mrs. E -“I damaged my back around 12 years ago, and have always received excellent treatment. I have found that as soon as I miss my three month check up I have problems! Even when I think there is nothing wrong- I always feel much better after my check up.

Mrs. G -“Since October 2007 I have been having chiropractic treatment. I have always found my chiropractor to be extremely thorough and conscientious in her work and always very pleasant and helpful. I am now able to climb stairs and do gardening with much greater comfort than previously.

Mrs. M -“I feel a lot more mobile since having treatment. I was seen very quickly when I had trouble and felt that my low back pain was really investigated thoroughly. I have had a lot of relief from treatment and it helps me to manage my pain.