Ergonomics and Posture

Many of us are leading predominantly sedentary lifestyles, which our bodies are not designed to do. We are not as active as we used to be. If the spine is in the same position for long periods, this blocks the blood supply to muscles. We often go to extremes, from sitting for long periods to rushing about and exercising, which does not give the spine the opportunity to adapt and may result in injury.

A survey of 1,674 adults found that 30% sat at a computer for 3-5 hours without a break, and 50% of office workers felt their computer chair did not give adequate back support.

Over 32,000 people visit a BCA chiropractor each month with injuries that are aggravated or caused by poor driving posture.

BCA research showed that sitting at a computer was thought to be contributing to low back pain in 28% of the male 15-24 age group. For females in this age group, 26% felt high heels attributed to their low back symptoms.

If you are familiar with any of the above it is time you consulted a Chiropractor who may be able to help you by discussing aspects of your lifestyle including ergonomics at work and in the car and give advice about how these factors can be improved.