Ana Rito – Nutritionist

In order to support you to achieve your goals I perform the following:

  • Holistic review of your lifestyle and diet
  • Personalised non-invasive lab tests to look for the variances in your DNA that affect health in order to personalise both a nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • Body Composition Analyses: Styku is the world most precise 3D body composition and shape analyser that not only provides the visual image, but also it gives a detailed report of your body composition in accordance with the WHO values for health and values for fitness, allowing us to set goals and track the progress over time

As we progress you will be coached to develop your own understanding about yourself and what impact the environment and your choices will have in your life
Please feel free to contact me for a 20-min free initial phone consultation

  • Nutritional Consultation and Coaching
  • Nutrition Practice
  • Weight Management
  • Nutrition for Sports and Fitness
  • Nutrition for Mums & Bumps
  • Infant and Youth Nutrition
  • Nutrition for Workplaces: Businesses and Corporations

About Ana

I gained my A. Registered Nutrition status after spending 4 years at the University of Surrey. I have further gained clinical experience from a post-graduate specialisation in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Porto – FCNAUP (Portugal) and I am currently undertaking both a Master Level Degree in Nutrigenomics and a course in Medicine, Health and Spirituality from UNIESPIRITO – Pineal Mind Institute.

I have been passionate about food and wellbeing from young age and my goal in life has always been to work at helping individuals to free their wellness within. We all are aware of the influence of lifestyle, diet and exercise in our health however, I believe we can no longer underestimate the influence of our emotional health status in achieving and maintaining wellbeing.

I combine the expertise acquired in Nutrition, Nutrition applied for Sports Science, Genetics and my continuous studies to coach individuals to achieve optimal physical and emotional health.

To book an appointment please call the clinic on 01275 390630 or email: